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Maternity leave could be the birth of something beautiful!! 

Now I know your thinking, well yeah it is the birth of something beautiful... My newborn child and you are so right but I actually mean something else.

Multiple blessings

The first time I went on maternity leave I had been working for 5yrs straight before that with no breaks!!

The reality is that for a lot of women maternity leave is the first time they get a long break from work in their whole careers. We work non stop continuously on our dreams, professions and goals and it's not until we are forced to have a long break that we do.

Now don't get me wrong I have 2 children so I completely get that nursing a newborn is a full-time job but there is another opportunity here 😊

There is an opportunity to explore new ideas, take a short course, start a business plan!! I get most of my Career Coaching clients (Career Coaching with HA )from women on maternity leave who are trying to use their maternity leave to plan their future careers or start up new businesses.

And here is why!!!!

When you have a baby your whole perspective on life changes completely. Your maternal instinct kicks in, either immediately or soon after and you now want to have a certain level of freedom and flexibility to be able to work with your new family.

So... the option that most women come to is to start their own business so that they can work at their own pace and time.

Now this is not for everyone and I would still say maximise your 1 yr off work and learn something new but if you do want to have the flexibility of working for yourself then here are some tips to help you on your way!!

1. Brainstorm

Take time to think about all the things you enjoy about your current job or what you have a keen interest in. Get it down on paper! Brainstorm different business ideas and see which ones grow legs!

2. Start a plan of action

Start a business plan (If you need a template, email me Business Plan Please and I'll send you a good one 😊). Start a Career map (I do this with my clients) think about all the areas you enjoy at work and start to map your strengths to these areas.

A Goal without a Plan is merely a wish!

3. Seek advice!

Talk to people... There is so much advice out there and there are so many people offering support for new start-ups. You can get professional business advice from places like Funding Circle and Startup loans who not only give loans but also have some great resources for startups. Think about your current career path and start to think about how you can network whilst still on maternity leave. It's not unheard of to change career paths whilst on maternity leave.

4. Start a blog

A Blog is a great way to get a feel for your business idea! Start to talk about your business idea and use your blog to research your industry. Build a following and start socialising with like-minded people ( is a great platform to start with but WordPress is also really good if you are a bit more techy)

5. Think about your 4p's

Place, Product, Price, Promotion a little bit of old skool business studies that still applies today!!

Obviously, most of your maternity leave is going to be spent with your new bundle of joy but just think... It could also be the birth of a new business idea or career path too.

Let me know what you think!


Hannah A

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