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Client satisfaction is at the forefront of what we do and we aim to deliver exceptional service in every interaction.

We have a 100% net promoter score when we asked our clients if they would recommend us to their family and friends. 

Here is what some of our client had to say about our service.

Justa Rasciute

I hired Rarity London Career services when I needed support career transition. I was fresh out of university and was not sure of the direction to take. Hannah worked closely with me on my passions and experiences and helped me to narrow down my search. I have had a great experience working with her and she has supported me to land my dream job.

Ashimi Adefosobi
Business Manager

Rarity London Career coaching has opened my way of thinking, with a non bias approach. Hannah has allowed me to consider all possible options when looking to progress. She has also helped me to stay motivated and take my progression into my own hands.


Working with Rarity London Career coaching has really helped me define what I want to do with my career. Being a career mum means my career has to fit around my family. Hannah has supported me with defining my career path and also finding the right work life balance.

Client Relationship Manager

Sometimes I believe you lose track of who you are and you need someone to put you back on the right path. I believe that working woth Rarity London and Hannah has given me a sense of belonging alongside how my personal image can highlight my professionalism at work. It has been a Great experience with great tips & advice

Abimbola(Client) 20190411_161417.jpg
Abimbola Lawal
Universal Support Caseworker

It was great working with Rarity London; I am glad I chose them and I will like to continue working with you. Working with Hannah has helped me to identify my passion and fear. The coaching sessions enabled me to think about my long term goals whilst currently working on my short term goal. Hannah encouraged me to think about the future and embrace taking small steps that will become bigger as time go on.She has inspired me to maximize and improve my skills and potential. This has overall been a great experience.

Lindsey (client) 20190403_024333.jpg
Business Manager

I was extremely pleased with Hannah and the career service she provided. She was such a great help and not only did I improve my interview skills, CV and applications, Hannah helped me understand myself better and offered ways to improve. I would highly recommend Rarity London career coaching and will be sure to work with her again!

Ruth Ojomo
VAT Tax Officer

Rarity London's CV review service is brilliant. Hannah dissected my CV and gave me tips on how to improve it. She also made it clearer for me to see skills that I possess which I did not know I had.​

Nicole Walters
Founder of Yves & Elles


Corporate Rarity Coaching has been a huge help in keeping me completely accountable throughout the start-up phase of my business whilst maintaining my full time job. Hannah  has supported me by providing intuitive advice based on the turbulent changes within my business week to week.

Shinel Spencer
HR Advisor

I have been working with Hannah on my career development for the past 6 months. She has become my 'Go to' career advisor and offers me practical advice and support on how to expand my network and work on my personal brand. Working with Hannah has been an amazing experience and I've definitely seen the impact on my career development!

Mimi Adegbohun
Business and Integration Analyst 

They say insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. If you find yourself trying to take steps in your career but not achieving your goals it always helps to get a different perspective. Hannah was not only helpful but helped streamline some of the thoughts and decisions I had to make in terms of my career. She was very helpful and flexible to my schedule, I would recommend her to anyone who needs to identify their areas of self-development, recognize and articulate the skills and achievements they have attained or would like through the course of their careers.

Departmental decision maker

Rarity London Career services has encouraged me to seek out development opportunities within my organisation and has given me valuable pointers on personal branding. Hannah has been insightful on the importance and benefits of networking in which I have had the privilege in meeting with senior managers and mangers from other departments for short mentoring sessions which has lead to further networking that I never would have thought of. The coaching programme has helped prepare me for the purpose of completing applications and as a result I have been successfully selected, out of many applicants, to begin on our organisations managerial development scheme.

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